500 Seashells

Parcel Project


More than 500 seashells were gathered from several beaches around La Paz, a small beach city located on the southeast side of the Baja California peninsula, facing the Sea of Cortes.

Different artistic explorations were developed based and inspired on these magnificent objects with the only intention of sharing them

This project is only an invitation to stop and look carefully around you,
to contemplate the profound beauty of the everyday object,
to be aware of the path followed by you and others.

The intention is to connect with diverse groups of people. Mostly focused on those who are exposed to dehumanizing labors and environments.
Send them a thoughtfully crafted and anonymous package with the hope of generating a reaction; not necessarily towards the package itself but to the consciousness.
There’s so much beauty surrounding us, let’s try not to get caught in realities that inhibit us from seeing it.

“I know what I have given you…
I do not know what you have received.”
-Antonio Porchia

I would like to offer special thanks to my dear friends and colleagues Chelsey Alden, Chris Conard and Omar Avilés who have done some outstanding work in the collaborations. This project would not have been possible without their knowledge and fine craft.

Gracias amigos